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About Us


The purpose of this organization is to enjoy the sport of bass fishing and to share and develop techniques, knowledge and related skills. Therefore, we offer no money or trophies related or associated with catching fish. However, we do not oppose or support bass fishing for monetary reward outside the context of our organization.


The club strives to maintain good relationships between all members. The intent of the club is to help all members improve their fishing skills and abilities through fellowship and the friendly exchange of bass catching ideas and techniques.

Membership Requirements

An applicant must have attained the age of 18 and express a serious interest in bass fishing.


Annual membership dues are $24.00 per year.

Boat Owner Ratio

To assure that all members have an opportunity to fish each event, the number of participating boat owners should exceed the number of participating non-boat owners .

Membership Number

The club is organized as a small fishing club and membership is limited to 40 members.

Contact Us

Just stop by a meeting or E-mail us at ekennedy3120@gmail.com

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